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100 WC 4, The crazy Salad Competition!

The Crazy Salad Competition!
In my school we were doing a competition on who can make the best salad the quickest. You're probably wondering why it’s not cupcakes or cookies; well, we have a no sugar policy (Which sucks!) Anyways, my partners Maya and Lucia were getting ready! The 30 min timer started and we got to work!When the timer went off the judges came to us! We were confident! The judges ate a bite and yelled! “How sour!!!” Then I thought, “The vinegar was to sharp, but we used soft vinegar!” Then I turned around and saw Mike laughing and running away with our vinegar! ‘He tricked us!” I thought. AGHHHHH!!!!!

100 WC 3, The Girl With the Bear and The Shooter

The Girl With the Bear and The Shooter Once, there was a little girl named Selena who’s parents died because they got shot, and the last thing she had of them was a teddy bear they gave her. She’s now 13 and her parents had been dead for 9 years all ready, but, she still had the bear. One day, she was out when she encountered a man with a gun, he told her to give him all his money, Selena then pulled out her bear out of her bag so she could reach her money, when the man dropped the gun, and said, are you Selena? Selena Mary? Because if you are, I killed your parents…. By:Emilia

100 WC 2, The Choir of Your Nightmares!!!

The Choir of Your Nightmares!!!
On an early December morning, I went downstairs to eat breakfast. When my mother told me I was going to join a choir for a day and sing at a retirement home. I was not excited! I had a HORRIBLE voice! Apparently so did everyone else at practice because we all sounded like a pack of cats being strangled! It was completely out of tune! It was even worse when we were at the retirement home! and I didn't think we could get any worse, but we did! It was a nightmare because of some stupid cleaner that worked there! He filmed us and posted us on YouTube!!!!

100 WC, The Cupcake Disaster!!!

On a Friday, after school, my best friend Suzy came over so we could make black cupcakes for the Halloween party at our school. We were walking towards my home talking about her super cute new fringe haircut, because I was thinking bout getting one too. Anyways, once we got to my home we started making the black cupcakes. It was all going fine, we plopped the cupcakes in the oven, we washed the plates and we started cleaning up. While the cupcakes were cooking I graved the extra eggs we had when the lights started to flicker, and I dropped the eggs all over Suzy’s new haircut!