100 WC 4, The crazy Salad Competition!

The Crazy Salad Competition!

In my school we were doing a competition on who can make the best salad the quickest. You're probably wondering why it’s not cupcakes or cookies; well, we have a no sugar policy (Which sucks!) Anyways, my partners Maya and Lucia were getting ready! The 30 min timer started and we got to work!When the timer went off the judges came to us! We were confident! The judges ate a bite and yelled! How sour!!!” Then I thought, “The vinegar was to sharp, but we used soft vinegar!” Then I turned around and saw Mike laughing and running away with our vinegar! ‘He tricked us!” I thought. AGHHHHH!!!!!


  1. I like your setting and ideas, what made you think of that?
    just wondering


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