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The Pebble 100 WC 7

The Pebble
I pebble hit my window and woke me up! Then another, and another! I checked my phone and it was 3:00 am!!! Boy was I MAD! I went to the window to take a picture of the jerk who dared to wake me up! But, once I opened the window there was a pebble heading straight for me, and BANG! Right on my forehead! Then this moron started running away! I was SO mad, SO angry! I was so crossed that I ran straight down the stairs and out the door I went! I caught up to this fool, I Jumped on top of him/her, and it was…. By: Emilia

100 WC 6, The Empty Tiger Cage!!! 🐯

The Empty Tiger Cage!!!🐯 I celebrated my birthday at the zoo!!! I was so excited, and since the tiger is my favorite animal, I had my party in front of the tiger's cage! After all my friends and I finished our pizza, we went around the zoo, looking at animals! But when we came back… the tiger's cage was empty! What a surprise!Everyone freaked! What a scandal! Everyone was running around yelling “Could the tigers have escaped?!” When all of the sudden, everyone freezes at the sight of a stampede with all the animals in the zoo! And they all were racing straight towards us! Someone let all the animals out!!! But who?..... By:Emilia

100 WC 5, The Sinking Phone!!!

The Sinking Phone!!!
I’m grounded!!! I was just out late with some friends! Okkk it was 1:00 am but I was having a sleepover, I guess my dad didn't know that for some reason because he took me home and now I am grounded! Anyways, my dad made me paint the house as punishment; and if it couldn’t get worse, I had to use his red rusty ladder! Things were boring so far, when everything fell out of my pocket! My phone, coins, money etc. The coins and phone fell in the wet pavement and started sinking! I freaked! Then did the stupidest thing ever! I jumped in to save my phone! By:Emilia